Why women are SOO special?

Why are Women so Special?

You know I am always talking about health, hormones, nutrition, and their connections with mental health.  

I listen to many podcasts from leading health professionals who come from a functional medicine or integrative wellness approach.  Those terms mean they consider you as a whole person and look at the root cause of each problem. 

I am sharing the information below after a brisk morning walk listening to truly life-changing material.  I couldn't wait to get home and share it with you!  It is the best summary of all the information I try to explain to women about hormonal health and the importance of its effect on you from head to toe.   

Women are miraculous, complicated beings and yet we understand so little about ourselves, for the most part.  When female clients come to see me and I explain the basics of their cycle, this often seems to be new information for them.   

The podcast show I'm sharing below is full of great information, but these two episodes should be required listening for all women (especially over 40.)  I cannot stress enough how important this information is!

In a two-part series, Cynthia Thurlow, ARNP interviews Dr. Tabatha Barber, OBGYN about the woman's cycle and how lifelong hormonal balance affects every aspect of her mind and body.  She covers everything from brain to bladder, birth to menopause, gut-brain connection, looking good to feeling great, and how women have been harmed by past medical advice and what to do about it.  

Don't be fooled by the titles-they cover so much more!  

My Galentine’s wish for you is to empower yourself and feel better inside and out, up and down, mind and body:) 

Please take the time to listen:



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