Providing individual therapy, women's groups, and coaching for women.

Individual Therapy explores the struggling woman's past dysfunctions and present discomforts to teach her coping skills for handling difficult situations and emotional strains in order to survive. Therapy provides evidenced-based treatment and psychoeducation. Therapy is often covered by insurance, is a highly regulated service provided by a Master’s level trained and licensed clinician.

Women’s Groups can be therapy or coaching depending on the subject matter and the targeted outcomes. Groups use the collective experiences, intuitions and support of others to help grow toward a mutually defined goal. Therapy Groups may or may not be covered by insurance. Coaching groups are not covered by insurance.

Coaching inspires the healthy woman to plan the path of her next journey to success, to celebrate her achievements, and to imagine her future possibilities in order to thrive. Coaching provides accountability and encouragement. Coaching is not covered by insurance and is not a regulated service. Although trainings and certifications are available, there are no requirements to be a coach.

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