Individual Therapy

I provide integrative, one on one therapy (to women only) either online or in person.  Each session is 45-60 minutes.  We'll have a free 10 minute consultation first and schedule your initial session as soon as possible.  After that, I like to meet weekly for about 8-12 weeks and then move to every other week for a few months and finally to monthly.  It depends on your situation.

I work with women who identify their primary concerns as women’s issues, anxiety and/or depression.  The other topics that arise include relationship concerns including divorce, boundary issues with overbearing or unhealthy family members, GI problems, hormone issues, Adult ADHD, and struggles with life’s transitions, mainly.

Please note, I do not treat addictions, borderline personality disorder, nor do I treat children, men, or couples.  I am happy to discuss these needs with you and help you find resources.  All therapy sessions are intuitively tailored to the needs of the client and the problems presented.  Clients are always free to engage how they feel most comfortable and to speak their needs freely.  This 4 Session overview is an example of a usual experience.  

Session 1 - Introduction & Initial Assessment
Let’s talk about why you are seeking therapy and how I can best help you.
We’ll cover all of your symptoms and think about goals to pursue in future sessions.
I’ll ask a lot of questions including your background, body health, support system, and your daily habits.  I’ll ask about family history, too.
You never have to answer any question until you are ready!
I’ll ask you to bring a therapy notebook to all future sessions. I may have you fill out a questionnaire. 
Session 2 - Telling your Story
Let’s learn how your daily life affects your anxiety or depression and dive deeper into understanding your possible triggers.  This will probably include stories from the past and future concerns.
You’ll do much more talking this time about the relationships with other people in your life from family to friends, from work to pets, and how they affect you.  
I’ll give you a skill to practice and maybe one small activity to do before our next session.

Session 3 - Timeline & Goals
Together, we will create a timeline that helps us see from the beginning of your symptoms to the future where you want to be. 
We’ll talk about whether family history has created some of your symptoms and which issues to tackle first.
I’ll definitely make some recommendations on lifestyle changes that may  greatly benefit you.  
I’ll ask you to confirm your overall goal for therapy based on our discoveries and discuss more measurable steps for reaching your goals. 
I’ll give you another skill to practice and another activity to complete, building on the ones before.  You’ll probably start to feel more confident and empowered!

Sessions 4-12 - Healing & Growth
Together we will work on your goals through active and therapeutic discussion and techniques to reduce your anxiety or depression.  If we uncover another mental health concern, we’ll adjust as needed to include it.
You’ll have ample opportunity to discuss anything currently on your mind before we weave your issues back to your discoveries and then to your overall goals and progress. 
I’ll continue to give you skills and activities as needed, and you’ll continue to make notes and keep practicing.  I’ll check in on how your body feels, also.
Remember, therapy is only one hour per week.  
Healing takes place in between sessions with the changes YOU make!

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