5 Ways to Practice Sustainable Eating - Big Idea #2- Eat Seasonally

Part 2 in a 5 part series

Sustainable Eating Big Idea #2- Eat Seasonally

Why it’s good to eat seasonally… 

For you: Eating seasonally means getting the freshest, most nutritious foods when nature intended them.  It usually means that produce comes from sources that are more local to you as well.  Eating locally is as important as eating organically.  The debate lingers as to which option is a top priority, but as often as possible, choose organic or choose local in whatever you eat, especially if it is fresh (animal products, produce, or refrigerated items.)

For the environment: Seasonal food is delicious and abundant.  Learning to store seasonal foods through canning or freezing is one way to benefit you and the environment.   Another benefit is the lower carbon and food waste from bulk shopping.  Carbon footprint is not the only consideration.  Water, power, and labor are also important to remember.  Everything we eat has a “cost” aside from the dollars spent.  

For equality: Seasonal food is often lower priced.  Coupled with the higher nutrient value, seasonal foods are easily available and affordable, ensuring more people have equal access.  This is especially true in food deserts, or areas of town where organic, top-choice foods are less likely to be found due to the high price or the store availability.  Often, seasonal food can be found in these locations, luckily, due to the abundance and lower price.  


What you can do today: Check out the footprint of your food.  This educational tool is eye-opening to show how your choices make a difference. https://harvard-foodprint-calculator.github.io 


Here’s a creative recipe for blueberries, which are in season right now in Florida-YUM!  Farm Flavor media profiles American farmers to learn exactly where your food comes from with delicious recipes included. https://farmflavor.com/recipes/charred-green-beans-with-blueberries-pecans-and-buttermilk-dressing/

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