5 Ways to Practice Sustainable Eating - Big Idea #5- Share with Others

Final post in a 5 part series

Sustainable Eating Big Idea #5- Share with Others

Why it’s good to share with others…

For you: Share what you have learned about eating sustainably with your friends.  You don’t have to be an expert to share one small fact.  Food is community.  We don’t thrive without either and they go together so beautifully.  Challenge yourself to eat at a culturally different restaurant with a friend, cook up some farmers market greens and invite others over, grow your own cherry tomatoes in a pot, and give some to your neighbor. 

For the environment: Sharing includes the land and life around you.  One hour with any nature documentary will show you how much the circle of life depends on each other.  From the bee to the sorghum grass, to the organic dairy cow, to us; there are connections everywhere.  To vote with our dollars and practice sustainability at the end result - the food we eat - impacts every part of the environment not just today but for many tomorrows.

For equality: Being aware of food insufficiency in your community and supporting healthy food choices is such an easy way to share with those who need it most.  Donate organic foods and dollars to organizations that are working toward food justice locally.  Nationally, FoodTank.com provides an extensive list https://foodtank.com/news/2020/02/24-organizations-finding-food-justice/

What you can do today:  Visit this fun website with a plethora of ideas of how to eat sustainably, from taking the Seasonal Challenge to reducing food waste to teaching kids. With podcasts, posters, easy educational articles, and more, it’s a great way to stay informed while having fun. https://foodprint.org/how-to-take-action/

Check out this post on how to make 4 family-sized meals with one simple grocery list https://www.organicvalley.coop/blog/4-organic-dinners-1-easy-grocery-list/

I hope this journey through sustainable eating has been informative and that you have heard some new ideas from some valuable resources.  Implementing small changes can make a vast difference over time.  Why not try?  And if you want to see the most beautiful food photos ever-check out the author’s home page from the last recipe https://wavesinthekitchen.com/

Mmmm! Who’s hungry?

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